SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A man is seen jumping over a counter at a downtown San Francisco Walgreens store, taking off with some merchandise.

A crew from Inside Edition was at the store on Van Ness and Eddy for a story on rampant shoplifting at the location when it happened.

The store will close for good on November 11.

The store will be the third in San Francisco this year to close because of excessive shoplifting.

Caught on camera — A wild scene that’s being played out at retail chain drug stores across the Bay Area.

Scores of shoplifters swarming stores, ransacking racks, and pilfering thousands of dollars in products off shelves.

This Walgreens has been hit so many times, that Walgreens now plans to close the door for good.

This video courtesy of Inside Edition shows a man just days ago, jumping over a counter at the store, and taking off from the store with stolen merchandise.

Inside the store, the shelves are bare with very few products for sale.

The store will be one of at least half a dozen Walgreens locations closing this year because of excessive shoplifting.

Wednesday afternoon, KRON4 reached out to Supervisor Matt Haney who represents the area, for comment but did not hear back.

KRON4 also reached out to San Francisco police to see how the department was tackling the troubling trend.

In a statement, San Francisco police said:

“It works closely with all members of the public we serve, including businesses. We are always assessing crime trends and addressing staffing to accommodate for fluctuations in crimes.”

SFPD also said it has officers on foot patrolling the area.

KRON4 cameras caught two officers responding to the location for a call.

Businesses who didn’t want to go on camera say for months, they’ve seen groups of people walk out with garbage bags full of merchandise.

They say they understand why the decision was made.

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