SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A man is caught on video hurling eggs and racial slurs at passengers on a San Francisco bus last week. A woman visiting the city who was on that bus took cell phone video of the attack, and she’s now sharing her story with KRON. But it may not have been the first time this unknown man has gone on a racist tirade.

It’s a hate-filled attack caught on camera. This man is seen throwing eggs and yelling racial slurs on a MUNI bus. One of his targets was rider Michelle Young.

“So he said stupid Chinese ****h and then I believe he repeated himself and we didn’t respond,” Young said.

Young says she was visiting the city on Thursday and wanted to take public transit like she does in each major metro she goes to. She tried ignoring the man on the 38 bus, but he continued to get aggressive.

“It’s always disconcerting to be the subject of any kind of racial attack and one that includes some kind of threat of violence,” Young said.

Young says another passenger stepped in to help protect her from the man. He was hit with most of the eggs. When the unknown man got off of the bus, the egg-throwing resumed.

“He started launching eggs through the window, at the window and then this last one he ran along the side of it… stopped when he saw me and threw it right directly at me at the window,” Young said.

After posting the video to Twitter, another MUNI rider says this same man threw food at her back in December.

Wendy Zhang shared a video of her encounter with KRON4.

“He started yelling racist slurs against Asian people, especially Chinese,” Zhang said.

The SFMTA, along with San Francisco Police Department, says they’re investigating the egg attack.

“We are committed to doing everything we can to stop the racist attacks on the AAPI community that have been on the increase over the past few years. Any harassment or abuse against our passengers and staff is utterly unacceptable,” SFMTA wrote in a statement sent to KRON4.

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As Asian-Americans, Young and Zhang say this is not the first time they have had to deal with anti-Asian hate, and it does not appear to be getting better.

“I do believe from my personal experience that it has gotten worse,” Young said.

“I just don’t want it to get any worse,” Zhang said.

Young tells us she has been assured by the SFPD’s Hate Crimes Division that the egg attack is being investigated.