(KRON) — A man who climbed Salesforce Tower in San Francisco last spring climbed a building in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday, just days before the city is set to play host to the Super Bowl. First reported in TMZ, Maison DesChamps, who calls himself the “Pro-Life Spider-Man,” scaled the 40-story Chase Building in downtown Phoenix without the use of any ropes or climbing gear.

According to TMZ, DesChamps began his Phoenix climb around 9 a.m. Tuesday morning and was arrested upon reaching the top of the building. In a post on his website, DesChamps confirmed that “on February 7th, 2023, I climbed the Chase Building in Phoenix.”

DesChamps, a climber and anti-abortion activist, began climbing high-rise buildings about a year ago to raise money and awareness for charities that support his cause. Since climbing Salesforce Tower last May, DesChamps has undertaken similar climbs in Oklahoma City and Los Angeles, among other cities.