(KRON) — A man was caught on camera yelling out racial slurs toward a Black individual at an Oakland freeway. An Instagram video posted Wednesday shows a white man driving a Jeep as he screams the n-word multiple times toward at least one Black occupant of another vehicle.

“F**k you n****r… F*****g n****r,” the man is heard saying in the video, which has since received over 21,000 likes on Instagram. He was also seen flipping the victim off as he was driving.

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California Highway Patrol (CHP) is aware of this incident and is “looking into the circumstances,” the law enforcement agency told KRON4. It did not confirm which freeway the incident happened on.

The video has since been trending on social media. Multiple accounts with millions of followers have also reposted the video on their Instagram pages. Comedian DL Hughley, who has 2.6 million followers, and author Shaun King, who has 3.7 million followers, have both posted the video on their respective pages.

The video has also received hundreds of thousands of views on Twitter across multiple accounts that have reposted the video.