SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco city employees have 30 days from Monday to submit their COVID-19 vaccination status to the city.

If they are fully vaccinated, then the employees have to provide documented proof.

Anyone who is not yet vaccinated, must get vaccinated within ten weeks of whenever the FDA gives final approval to at least one of the three COVID-19 vaccines that are currently authorized for emergency use in the U.S.

City employees who do not comply with the new rule could be disciplined or even fired. However, workers are able to request an exemption for either medical conditions or religious beliefs.

This policy is making it mandatory for about 35,000 San Francisco city employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and it’s the first of its kind in any city in the U.S.

So far, about 55% of city employees have said they are at least partially vaccinated and about five percent of employees have said they are not​ vaccinated.

The vaccination status of the remaining 40 percent is unknown and that’s what will be discovered with the new system.

Workplace requirements put out by Cal/OSHA say employees do not need to wear a mask if they are fully vaccinated.

The city believes this system is the easiest way to keep track and prevent an outbreak of the coronavirus.

Many labor unions have pushed back on this saying it is not right to make employees get vaccinated and show proof.

The city plans on continuing to have conversations with these unions hoping everyone will comply.