OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — McClymonds High School in Oakland was shut down Thursday after the discovery of a hazardous chemical found in groundwater under the campus.

Officials said trace amounts of the chemical tricloroethylene (TCE) came from an off-site location, per Alameda County and the State of California, and the concern is that the substance may be evaporating into the air.

The Department of Toxic Substances Control released a statement following the school closures.

“We are aware that TCE has been detected at McClymonds High School and are working with the Alameda Department of Environmental Health and the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board to determine appropriate next steps and provide information and guidance as necessary. We are committed to ensuring the health of this community, and will work with local agencies in responding to this incident.”

Abbott Dutton, Media Relations Manager, Department of Toxic Substances Control

KRON4 found that there are five sites under current cleanup by the state. They are all within a one mile radius of McClymonds High School.

And all of them — list TCE as a potential contaminant.

The closest site is just a half mile away from the school. It’s now abandoned, but it used to be Lane Metal Finishers.

The cleanup of the site has been active since 2007. TCE is among the potential contaminants of concern, along with a few others. Contamination is believed to be the result of historial operations, including the metal finishing business.

The rest of the sites share similarities.

All have been in active cleanup for years. On goes as far back as two decades ago.

And again, all list TCE as a potential contaminant.

More details to come, check back for updates.

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