MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Parents, community members and even former students pleaded with the board to save the children’s center they say it’s a necessity for families that have nowhere else to send their kids.

The Ross Valley School District board started the meeting by explaining that this is a lease termination — not an eviction at this time. They have not started the eviction process. The Fairfax-San Anselmo Childcare Center will still provide some services, but the Deer Park facility is no longer safe for daycare.

Superintendent John Carroll says they tried to see if they could update the facility but found out two weeks ago that it isn’t financially feasible. They have been trying to find an alternate site but haven’t had any luck yet.

Wednesday’s meeting was to update the community, but many supporters of the facility used the public comment time to voice their concerns. KRON4 spoke to a woman that says she grew up in the facility, and she knows it would devastating for these kids to lose it.

“In order for these kids to thrive. In order for them not to be traumatized with a sudden eviction, giving us more time would help them,” said Yessenia Mendieta.

The superintendent says they’re working hard to try and keep the program together — adding that it’s one of the best preschool programs in Marin County.

This was only a discussion item at this meeting. It couldn’t be changed to an action item, but the board says they’re going to continue to monitor the situation.