(KRON) — A North Bay driver seemed really desperate to get into the carpool lane. In an attempt to fulfill the multiple-passenger requirement, the driver thought they can get away by doing this.

Not so fast.

CHP Marin pulled over a driver for using a mannequin (view below) and making it seem they met the requirement to drive in the carpool lane, the law enforcement agency posted to their Facebook story on Thursday.

A driver was pulled over for using a mannequin to get in the carpool lanes (CHP Marin).

To the driver’s credit, an effort was made to dress the mannequin up and make it look like a real person from afar. The mannequin was sitting in the back seat of the vehicle. It had clothes, a hat, sunglasses and tattoos.

“That moment you get pulled over for a carpool violation and your passenger in the back chooses to remain silent,” CHP Marin wrote in its social media post.