(KRON) — A Martinez woman has pleaded guilty Thursday to embezzling almost $1.4 million through her former employer Ramar Foods International in Pittsburg, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office announced in a news release. Officials said Mary Antoinette Narvaez Hernandez, 60, committed crimes including felony grand theft embezzlement, identity theft, money laundering and tax evasion from 2016 to 2021.

Hernandez was the account manager for Ramar Foods International. Officials said Hernandez embezzled a total of $1,399,342.84 from the company and failed to pay $97,568 in state taxes.

Ramar Food International president Susie Quesada said Hernandez had many friends who trusted her at work at the arraignment.

“It is with deep regret now that we look upon the years of working with Mary Anna tainted with lies and deception,” Quesada said.

Hernandez was sentenced to a seven-year suspended prison sentence, meaning she will not be immediately sent to prison, which will be imposed if she fails to meet any of the terms of her plea agreement.

Hernandez’s plea agreement includes a stay away order from Ramar Foods International, that she pays restitution, taxes owed, cannot possess firearms, arming devices or ammunition and must pay for the cost of the investigation and prosecution.

“A plea agreement like this one is an effective way for the victims to receive financial restitution from what was stolen from them–and for the state to recover tax revenue that was unlawfully evaded by the defendant,” said District Attorney Diana Becton.

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Additionally, Hernandes was sentenced to three years formal probation supervision with one year in the county jail.