SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The no mask policy on BART may be short lived.

Looking at the agenda of Bay Area Rapid Transit’s board of directors, it appears the board will discuss whether to bring back masks on BART trains and possibly vote on this proposal. 

Rebecca Saltzman, BART’s board president, introduced the idea of bringing back masks to BART trains.

She wants to add a mask mandate to BART’s code of conduct. The rule would not apply to people who cannot wear a face covering because of a disability or medical condition, and children ages two or younger. But if passed it would be in effect until July 18.

Saltzman sent a letter to the five Bay Area counties where BART runs urging them to make masks a requirement on public transit.

She said masks will protect people when riding buses or trains, especially those at high risk.

According to BART’s customer code of conduct riders would be warned or ordered to leave if they violate one of its rules.

This would include not wearing a mask under Saltzman’s proposal.

Again, if passed the rule would be in effect until July, unless extended by the board of directors. 

Just a few days ago, Los Angeles County made it a requirement for people to wear masks on public transit there. The question is – will BART do the same?

Board members meet to discuss this proposal at 9 a.m.