SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A San Francisco spot called Oasis is bringing their cabaret to local doorsteps with “Meals on Heels.”

It features drag performers, delivered food and drinks accompanied by a song and dance twice a week. 

Businesses are having to get extra creative to pull in sales during the pandemic. Some of the industries hit hardest are of course like live performance venues and bars. 

The small business owner behind “Meals on Heels” says it’s been a benefit for both performers who for most of the pandemic haven’t been able to work, and the audience who has missed out on the in-person entertainment.

“Mostly across the board as a community building experience for both the performers getting to dust off the wigs and heels and perform in front of people again, make some money, a lot of them it was their income. For people at home who have are at home who have been isolated and they get a little bit of a connection, and they get to see an actual live performance,” said Oasis owner D’arcy Drollinger. 

The performers deliver from a distance.

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