BERKELEY, Calif. (KRON) — Augie’s Montreal Deli was able to stay open during the pandemic, but now they are forced to shutter for the summer to avoid charging ridiculous prices.

The owner says there has been a major increase in meat and dairy prices. To keep up, Lex Gopnik-Lewinski said he would have had to charge people $30 for a sandwich if they stayed open.

Augie’s gets meat from a packer in Redding, where prices for beef have gone from $2 a pound to $5 a pound.

Food supply prices have spiked significantly, which the owner of Augie’s believes to be caused by labor shortages within the food supply chain.

Farmers and ranchers didn’t raise as many cows and chickens during the pandemic.

During the last year, some food processing factories have closed due to outbreaks of coronavirus.

The supply and labor shortages will likely have an effect on the entire restaurant industry – like menu item prices soaring, or restaurants choosing to close or limit their menus.

Gopnik-Lewinski asks people to go out and support local restaurants, but be patient and understanding if your favorite meals are a little more expensive.