SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The owners of Mel’s Drive-in opened the iconic mom-and-pop shop 75 years ago. They saw how popular drive-in restaurants were becoming in Southern California and they decided to open one in San Francisco.

Fast-forward to today, and they have eight locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Mel’s Drive-in first opened in San Francisco in 1947. The original Mel’s opened at 140 South Van Ness Avenue. That location no longer exists.

At the time, people told the owners the idea wouldn’t work, since drive-in restaurants weren’t popular in the Bay Area. But 75 years later, they have four locations in the city.

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The restaurant has even been featured in films like “American Graffiti.”

To celebrate this milestone, the restaurant is giving 75% off classic food items. This means some burgers could cost as little as $4.

Mel’s Drive-in is open and you can go to any one of its locations to get this deal.