SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A Memorial Day service was held at the National Cemetery in the Presidio. 

Normally, the event attracts thousands but this year only a small service was held.

Memorial Day Services have been held every year since 1868.  

Around the cemetery, they weren’t able to put out flags on all of the graves like they normally do. 

Over at the ceremony, there were about a dozen people from the military and the Presidio that attended and spoke. 

They talked about some of the themes that are always touched on on Memorial Day, including honor and service and also they talked about the loss that is felt by everyone when someone dies in the line of duty.

“When we lose a marine, a soldier, an airman, a sailor, we grieve for the loss suffered by their loved ones and we honor the families who continue to sacrifice over a lifetime for us. Yes, but we also suffer a life a loss ourselves. We lose one of our best and one of our brightest someone who takes personal responsibility for the health and safety of our entire nation,” James Schwab said.

This year the ceremony was dedicated to the memory of Major, Adriana Vorderbruggen who died in December of 2015 in Afghanistan.

Organizers are hoping that they can resume a full normal public service next year.  

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