SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — Bay Area residents were out and about during the first half of the warm Memorial Day weekend.

San Francisco ran into some confusion with the circles marked in the grass to designate where it’s safe to social distance.

Mayor London Breed urged residents to avoid temptation to pack local parks, but that might’ve been easier said than done.

Temperatures didn’t make the temptation any easier as warm weather led residents to park and other open outdoor spaces.

Parks across the city saw visitors who were sun bathing, picnicking and in anticipation of the crowds, the city marked the white circles on the grass in some spots as an effort to help people maintain social distancing.

“I think they are risking their lives,” a man said. “And for better or worse, people are going to be people.”

Park visitors said they were confused as to why only the flat lands of Dolores Park have social distancing circles.

Some visitors say they went out specifically for the circles, because they knew they’d be social distancing.

The circles near Jackson Playground saw much fewer people taking advantage, but those who were said they appreciated them.

“It’s good to know if I’m in a circle and someone else is in another circle, they’re at least six feet away,” a woman said.

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