BURLINGAME, Calif. (KRON) — Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is opening its first retail store in Burlingame. KRON4 got a sneak peak inside on what you can expect before the doors officially open next week.

Inside, the latest in tech products from Meta, there are Ray Ban glasses, which allows you to play music, take pictures, and record video.

You don’t even have to pull out your phone, which makes it easier for you to show the world what you see

Facebook Portal TV turns your existing TV into a video conferencing device. Even if you have an older TV that isn’t a smart TV, the feature will convert an older TV into a smart where you can get use apps like Netflix.

If you’re looking to play a game, the Meta store has you covered. The store has a room where you can try the latest in virtual reality.

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There’s a variety of virtual reality games. Some of them can be quite the workout, including the boxing game.

Meta says that seeing is believing, and they hope customers will see what’s here now — see what’s possible in the Metaverse.