SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Meta and Red Hat both canceled events that were scheduled to happen in San Francisco in 2024, the San Francisco Travel Association (SFTA) confirmed to KRON4. Both events were slated for the Moscone Center.

The Red Hat event was supposed to last for four days and generate 20,000 stays for local hotels, according to the San Francisco Business Journal.

The software giant was supposed to host its event in May 2024. It was instead moved to Denver.

“Sometimes, even when we make plans far in advance to host an event in a given city, we have to change plans based on date conflicts on our end or other circumstances. This is the case for Red Hat Summit 2024, which will be hosted in Denver,” a Red Hat statement read in part.

Red Hat’s2025 event, also set for the Moscone Center, was canceled as well. They plan to host their summit in San Francisco in 2026, 2028, 2030 and 2032, according to SFTA.

Meta, which is Facebook’s parent company, planned to hold its event in March 2024.

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“As has been reported over the past five years (pre-pandemic), 2024 continues to be a particularly challenging year for conventions in San Francisco. Although 2023 is a robust convention year, 2024 is estimated to actualize about 60% of the average. The good news is that every year after 2024 shows steady growth with 2028 and beyond trending to be above 90% of the average,” SFTA said.