PLEASANTON (KRON) – Students at Hart Middle School in Pleasanton are walking out during third period this morning to honor the lives lost in the Uvalde elementary school shooting.

Students organizing this say they will be walking out of class to gather outside the cafeteria to speak about the need for gun control laws.

Middle school officials have confirmed the walkout starting around 10:15 a.m.

Students say attendance is recommended, but completely optional.

Organizers want to make it clear that this is not to skip class — this is not to goof off and students who do that will be escorted out.

If too many students misbehave, they will cancel the event entirely.

Four students put this walk out together because they want to honor the 19 children and two teachers killed in Uvalde.

When mass shootings happen — we often feel helpless and want to do something to help create change and have our voices heard. The students hope the news coverage of the walk out also helps spread their message as they stand up to lawmakers demanding change.