SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson will be “live and smoking” from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park to promote a new social media app, according to a press release.

The boxer, actor and entrepreneur will be at today’s 4/20 festivities at Hippie Hill around 4 p.m. where he will launch a chatroom in Relevnt, the press release is promoting as “the People’s app.”

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“Relevnt, the ephemeral group messaging app with live pop-up chatrooms, is the place people can freely express themselves with less fear of being canceled–together we are Relevnt,” the press release states. “On other days, Mike will explore the wide range of topics that interest him, from business to history, and weed to sports and social topics.”

Hippie Hill is hosting 4/20 events today for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic. Hippie Hill, officially the Robin Williams Meadow, is a long-cherished gathering place for cannabis enthusiasts every April 20.