Mill Valley mayor criticized on social media for mishandling racially sensitive question

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MILL VALLEY, Calif. (KRON) – Mayor of Mill Valley is trying to explain herself Tuesday night after many people on social media are accusing her of mishandling a racially sensitive question during public comment portion of a meeting Monday night.

A concerned citizen noted that Mill Valley was a place of privilege and that they put up a sign in the city this week supporting the movement, but it was quickly taken down.

The persons comment ended with this question for the mayor and her answer is what prompted today’s response:

‘Our question is simple, what is Mill Valley doing to show that Black Lives Matter?’

Sashi McEntee responded with:

‘It is a council policy that we do not take action on issues that are not at immediate local importance but we appreciate hearing everyone’s comments.’

On Tuesday, McEntee sent out the following statement regarding her remarks at the council meeting:

Statement Regarding My Remarks at the June 1st Council Meeting A number of citizens have expressed concern about the comment I made at the end of public open time last night. After reviewing the video, I understand your concerns. Let me make it clear that the tragic death of George Floyd is of immediate local importance along with being a national issue.

I was horrified when I heard of the circumstances surrounding Mr. Floyd’s death. Immediately, I reached to our law enforcement partners to discuss Mill Valley’s current restraint training and other associated policies. Thankfully, the specific restraint actions tragically taken by the officer are not allowed in California, and our peace officers have received extensive training to avoid these inhumane methods.

I also confirmed that the Mill Valley Police Department does not tolerate use of excessive force or any conduct that does not uphold the highest level of integrity and respect for the community they serve.

As a person of color, I am acutely aware of the power and importance of words because I have been on the receiving end of bigotry myself. My comments during the meeting referred to a long-standing City Council policy regarding national issues and a policy that prevents council members from discussing items that are not previously agonized in accordance with the law. It is clear that I did not express myself well or share with the community what is in my heart.

Mayor Sashi McEntee

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