MILL VALLEY (KRON) — The line was out the door on Sunday.

“It’s been like this since we opened at noon,” owner Michael “Woody” Woodson said.

Also a bittersweet day for Michael Woodson, also known as Woody.

The southern Marin ice cream shop is closing after 21 years. 

The reason…

“The rents, they won’t lower the rents,” he said. “And they won’t even give me a sale price so I can’t sell it so I’m stuck.”

A letter provided by Woodson says the rent increased from $100,000 to $105,000 annually, so $8,750 per month.

Woodson started business here with his son Brian in 1998.

The Woodson’s took over another ice cream business making it 55 years in Strawberry Village.

“It’s just like really good ice cream,” Josh Goldman said. “It’s not like machine made it’s like man made ice cream. It’s the real good stuff.”

Eager customers waited in line one last time.

“I just think it’s a tragedy that Woody’s is closing. It was such an asset to the neighborhood,” Vikki Goldman said. “We lived right near here and the kids come all the time and it was a sweet place and I think that we’re going to miss it a lot.”

“I just miss that it’s going away because it’s like the only good ice cream here,” Chloe Arwin said. “It’s really good.”

Some say Woody’s was more than an ice cream spot, but a fixture in the community.

“They support baseball teams and they get lots of love from the community around here,” Massimo Doffo said. “It’s really nice, i’m sad that they’re closing.”

Woodson said he’s tried to negotiate with the landlord, Jones Lang La Salle Americas Inc – the real estate company that manages Strawberry Village.

KRON4’s Gayle Ong reached out to the landlord for comment, but has not yet heard back.

Even close to closing time, regulars did not want to miss the last scoop.

“It’s a huge bummer so we definitely wanted to come down today and say thank you to Woody,” Scott Awrin said.

“It’s really hard but at some point, you got to just move on,” Woodson said. “I just wish it wasn’t today.”