MILL VALLEY, Calif. (KRON) — The Mill Valley School District had to close its middle school again on Tuesday due to lasting damage from the storm.

Other schools in the district are reopening, but some repair work will be happening.

The following schools are fully open on Tuesday with a regular school schedule:

  • Edna Maguire School
  • Old Mill School
  • Park School and 
  • Strawberry Point School
  • Tam Valley 

The staff parking lot at Edna Maguire may be closed due to tree removal, however.

At Old Mill School, two classes will be temporarily relocated to address water damage in three classrooms.

Tree removal is ongoing at Strawberry Point School, which will cause a closure of some portions of the play area. Staff will also be in a temporary staff workroom.

“We understand conditions vary across homes in our community and throughout the county, and we urge your caution as you travel to school.  Our intention is to have all sites open and fully back to normal operations as soon as possible.  We understand the hardship this has on families, and we appreciate your patience and understanding,” the school district said in a letter to the community.