MILLBRAE, Calif. (KRON) – A truly compassionate story — In these difficult times, a restaurant owner, shut down his business on Thursday to allow his employees the chance to go get vaccinated.  

The Wonderful Restaurant in Milbrae. The name reflects the wonderful act of kindness the owner demonstrated. 

Restaurant owner YoYo carpooled to the San Mateo mass vaccination site Thursday. He already received his shot, but wanted to help out with his employees get theirs.

He shut down both of the family’s restaurants for employees to have the time off to the shot – now available for restaurant workers in San Mateo County.   

“I want to be a leader. It has been a tough time, and I want employees safe, those that come here feel safe,” YoYo said. 

He says a few employees were hesitant at first and more significantly navigating the site to register difficult for some.

A beaming employee, too shy to go on camera proudly showed KRON4 her vaccination card. YoYo says he hopes other restaurants will see this and also help out their employees.

“It is good for everyone. I think we are the first in the country to do this and hope everyone does this,” YoYo said. 

Besides this restaurant, YoYo and his family own another one in Foster City.  

He says from now on, he will only hire vaccinated employees. He says he feels it is the morally right thing to do, to embrace science for everyone’s sake.