CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – The good news is if you’re driving to your destination, gas prices have gone down.

But the bad news is that today will be one of the most congested days out in the road.

AAA expects 2022 to be the third-busiest year for holiday travel since 2000.

According to them, 102 million people will drive to their destinations for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Compared to last year there will be an additional 2 million drivers this time around for the holiday season.

We’re not back to pre-pandemic numbers, but it’s close.

The highest year on record when traveling by car was in 2019 — that year 108 million Americans drove out of town.

AAA expects that today, Dec. 27 and 28, and Jan. 2 will be the most congested days on the roads.

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Gas prices wont be as bad as they were during the summer travel, but they’ve let up a bit. A gallon of gas will cost $4.51 in Napa County, $4.48 in San Francisco and $4.28 in Contra Costa County. It’s one penny less in Solano County.