REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (KRON) – At the pump in Redwood City, drivers are seeing gas still in the five dollar range. 

Gas prices are going down, though you’d have to shop around for gas in the four dollar range.

Paying with cash is cheaper at most gas stations. Much like last year, most Thanksgiving travelers are planning on driving to their destinations, with 49 million people expected to travel by car.

While thanksgiving road trips have slightly risen – up 0.4% from 2021 – car travel remains 2.5% below 2019 levels.

Gas is most expensive in Napa, on average costing $5.45.

In Vallejo and Fairfield that average is $5.03.

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For those hitting the road for a new Thanksgiving destination, gas in Placer County (South Lake Tahoe) is $5.15 on average, in Los Angeles County it’s $5.21 on average and in San Diego it’s $5.20 on average.