(KRON) — A tiny puppy that went missing after a Fremont burglary has been found safe and returned to its family, police said.

The Jack Russell terrier, named Keo, is only nine weeks ago. Keo vanished after burglars broke into its family’s house on Fremont Boulevard Saturday afternoon.

Keo’s worried owners reported the pup as stolen to the Fremont Police Department. Police asked Fremont community members to be on the lookout. Investigators were unsure if the puppy was stolen by the burglars, or if it ran away and became lost.

On Monday, the Tri City Animal Shelter announced on Facebook, “We are happy to report that he was found and reunited with his family today. Thank you for amplifying his story, this community is so great when we all work together.”

puppy keo
Keo the puppy plays with toys after the pup was found safe. (Image courtesy Tri City Animal Shelter)

The animal shelter shared video of Keo happily playing with toys and being reunited with its owner. (The video above is courtesy Tri City Animal Shelter).

The Fremont Police Department wrote, “We are so grateful that Keo has been found and reunited with his family! Thank you, all, for being on the look out!”