SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez appeared in court Thursday four days before his preliminary hearing is slated to begin.

Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Jessica Delgado granted some requests filed by Velasquez’s attorneys for access to evidence gathered in an investigation into suspect child predator Harry Goularte. The MMA star’s attorneys will use the additional evidence to build up its defense for Velasquez, who is fighting an attempted murder charge.

Velasquez is accused of trying to kill Goularte during a February 28 high-speed chase on Highway 101 in San Jose.

Goularte is charged with molesting a young family member of Velasquez at a daycare center owned and operated by Goularte’s mother, Patty Goularte. Prosecutors said Velasquez tried to achieve vigilante justice when he chased after Harry Goularte and shot several rounds at him. Harry Goularte’s 63-year-old stepfather was shot in the melee and survived.

Cain Velasquez, left, and Brock Lesnar during a UFC mixed martial arts match in Anaheim, Calif., Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010. Velasquez won by TKO in the first round. (AP Photo /Jae C. Hong)

The judge acknowledged that the child molestation case and the attempted murder case are undeniably intertwined. Evidence gathered by investigators against Harry Goularte will help strengthen Velasquez’s defense, his attorneys argued.

Judge Delgado said the two investigations “obviously and undeniably overlap,” and “this is a unique circumstance.” Harry Goularte allegedly victimized a 4-year-old boy, according to court documents.

Harry Goularte
Harry Goularte

The MMA fighter’s preliminary hearing is scheduled to begin on Monday morning. The accused child molester’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Nov. 14 and he remains out of custody on $0 bail. Velasquez is still behind bars with no bail.