PLEASANT HILL, Calif. (KRON) – An East Bay mom is worried that her son, a special needs student, is being repeatedly targeted and beaten at school.

She told KRON4 it has happened four times and said enough is enough. She said Valley View Middle School needs to do more to protect her son.

It’s not clear what led up to these repeated attacks but she sent videos to KRON4 that show the same student going after her son twice.

“The next day he had one of his girlfriends take my son’s hat and throw it on the ground and squeeze a bottle of water in his face and instinctively my son like kind of pushed her away and that’s when the child starting hitting him and punching him in the head,” the mother, Allyson Niemeth, said.

She shared two videos with KRON4 showing the same kid walking up behind her son, pulling him down to the ground, then violently punching him several times in the head.

“I am scared to death every day because I don’t know if I’m going to get a text message from him saying he got hurt again or if I’m going to get a call from the school,” she said.

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While the mom believes not enough is bring done to keep her kid safe, superintendent Adam Clark had this to say: “the Mount Diablo Unified School District staff and administrators hold student safety as our top priority. When students engage in fights, we attempt to solve conflicts at the lowest level. conflict mediation and parental contact are used most often. When there is physical violence we will hold all parties accountable through detention, suspension, expulsion or police contact. we expect to partner with parents whenever possible to support students.”

The mother said her son and the group of accused students are being kept apart while on site, and she was told one of the accused students was suspended for a day..

She said she wants all of the students involved to be expelled.