SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (KRON) – This Sunday, Mother’s Day, the Doclands Film Festival in San Rafael offers a chance to share something special with mom.

It’s a film called “Mom’s and Dad’s Nipple Factory.” It is not a medical film exactly, or a porn film, as the cheeky title might tease.

It’s a personal story about family, faith, and feeling whole again. KRON4 had a chance to talk with the Bay Area producer and small-town director about why this documentary touches so many.

Justin Superstar directed the movie, a story about his own family from a conservative small town in Wisconsin, and how they dealt with his mom’s breast cancer and mastectomy.

“At the heart of it is the story of my folks’ secret prosthetic nipple business that has transformed quite a few lives, including my own,” Superstar said. 

“Justin started making this film and it was about this nipple business, but in the end, it was really this sweet love story about his parents and one that he got to tell from his perspective,” said producer Jason Cohen.

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Created by Justin’s dad for his mom, the custom-made silicon nipple started out as a labor of love. It then became a small business, and ultimately a calling.

“My mom’s breast cancer, which on its face is a terrible thing, has positively affected thousands of people’s lives around the world – so yeah it’s definitely a love story,” Justin said.

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