SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KRON) — Mongomery High School students will return to the classroom after a stabbing left one student dead on Wednesday, but not for long. Students have planned a walkout at 11:15 a.m. to demand safety changes at their school.

“We just want peace,” Carol Snell and Renee Helm, aunties of the student who was killed, told KRON4. “We want peace and we want change, that’s all. Safety for the children. For all children. We need to make sure the kids are safe when they’re in school.”

Santa Rosa Police Department Chief John Cregan shared an update on school safety Saturday morning.

Cregan says three officers with the Santa Rosa Police Department will be on campus to welcome everyone back Monday. The officers will be available as a resource to speak with teachers, parents and students.

“It’s eerie,” Grace Anderson, a student, told KRON4. “I mean, it is really eerie. Someone died here.  It was their last moments here and now we are back and we have to try and smile.”

Cregan also outlined some of the steps that SRPD has developed with the community and the Violence Prevention Partnership. Those steps include responding quickly to calls from school campuses, hosting active shooter trainings and partnering with community members to ensure events remain safe.

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According to Cregan, SRPD has been called 945 times to Santa Rosa schools in the past year. Of those calls, 97 came from Montgomery High School.

You have my commitment to school safety, listening to the community’s needs, and partnering with Santa Rosa City Schools to better understand what level of on-campus support is needed from the Santa Rosa Police Department, such as bringing back the School Resource Officer Program, with any modifications that better meet the needs of our community today. – John Cregan

Cregan says he will also attend a listening session hosted by Santa Rosa City Schools on Tuesday at the Freidman Event Center. “The Santa Rosa Police Department remains a community partner, ready to listen to how we can make school safer for everyone…Let’s have the discussion,” he said.

Support for the students impacted by the incident at Montgomery High School has also come from outside of California. The Uvalde Foundation for Kids is supporting those affected by the tragedy to provide hotline counseling and other services. The foundation will also be opening an independent investigation into what happened.