BERKELEY, Calif. (KRON) – As COVID cases continue to surge, UC Berkeley officials have decided to begin the spring semester with mostly remote courses.

For the first two weeks, Jan. 18 to Jan. 28, most courses will be fully remote.

In the third week, starting on Jan. 31, courses will then be moved to in-person.

In a statement released, officials said:

With COVID-19 cases surging and positivity rates on the rise, it’s clear we’re in for a challenging January. As we navigate the omicron wave it’s important that we be especially flexible and patient with one another.

The following classes may be taught in-person for those first two weeks:

  • Lab sections
  • Studio courses
  • Fieldwork
  • Clinical courses
  • Graduate seminars

If students are unable to attend in person due to symptoms or quarantines, instructors will be required to offer make-up arrangements.

The campus will be open which will allow students and staff to come for research, administration, and operational purposes.

For more updates from the school, visit the UC Berkeley website.