COTATI, Calif. (KRON) — The Cotati Police Department announced via a Facebook post that they arrested a woman who was suspected of drunk driving at her child-custody exchange.

A man who was attempting to do a custody exchange reported to the CPD that the mother of his child was driving drunk. The CPD reportedly saw the woman in the parking lot behind the wheel of her green Lexus. A police sergeant approached her vehicle on foot and ordered her to stop, but the woman fled the scene in the Lexus.

Another police sergeant who was also on patrol reportedly saw the Lexus on W. Sierra Ave. and attempted to stop the car using lights and sirens. However the woman did not pull over. At this time the woman reportedly put her hand out of her window and “displayed her middle finger to the sergeant.”

Officers said the woman stopped on E. Cotati Ave close to March Way, but when the sergeant stopped his patrol car behind her she put the Lexus in reverse and rammed into the patrol car. CPD states there was major damage done to the police vehicle and the sergeant sustained minor injuries.

The woman then accelerated down E. Cotati with the police sergeant in pursuit in the damaged patrol car. The woman was reportedly driving at “dangerous speeds” and nearly hit a motorcyclist, it was then that the sergeant “terminated the pursuit.”

The woman then collided with two more cars in the Rohnert Park. With the assistance of Sonoma State University Police, the woman’s car was located at a convenience store on E. Cotati Ave in Rohnert Park. Police say the woman then ran into the store and drank a small bottle of hard liquor. The woman then began to fight with officers as they were taking her into custody, and she later bit a Rohnert Park police officer who assisted with the investigation.

Due to the Cotati Police Sergeant being a victim of a crime during this pursuit, Rohnert Park DPS is investigating this as a Felony DUI. The woman, identified only as Dorfer, was given a preliminary evidentiary screening which showed a .20% blood alcohol content. Her Lexus was taken to impound for 30 days.

Dorfer was booked into the County Jail for felony charges of resisting an officer, battery against an officer, hit and run, DUI, and pursuit. Police noted that as the investigation carries on more charges may be added.

Dorfer’s bail was set at $200,000, and according to police, she was still in custody this morning.