OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – A mother is demanding answers after her son was stabbed several times at school. The 14-year-old victim is still recovering at a hospital after getting stabbed Wednesday morning at Skyline High School in Oakland.

Brittany McMillon says it was the most horrifying phone call she had ever gotten – her 14-year-old son, Skyline student Isreal McMillon-Dixon, had been stabbed at school. McMillon-Dixon is expected to recover, but McMillon does not understand how this could have happened on campus.

McMillon-Dixon is recovering at a children’s hospital in Oakland. He was stabbed five times during a fight with a fellow student.

“It’s the worst call that I have received in my entire life. It’s scary. You don’t know if he’s going to make it,” McMillon said.

McMillon says her son is making improvements, but he is still getting used to eating solid food as injuries to his colon and kidneys are healing. McMillion says she is puzzled as to how this could’ve happened on the school’s campus. She claims she has heard nothing from the school or the district.

“Why haven’t you called and checked on my son? You guys failed, as professionals and as adults and you guys failed to protect my son,” she said.   

McMillon is not planning to send her son back to Skyline. She says Oakland schools in general are getting increasingly unsafe.

“This can’t just happen and we forget about it. And then we go back to school and we hear of another incident and then there will be a child who actually loses their life on the campus,” she said. “Is that what we’re waiting for for a change? Is that what it’s gonna have to take? For a child to actually lose their life?”

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Police took a 15-year-old suspect into custody on the day of the stabbing. Rebecca Huang, the acting principal of Skyline High School, called the violence “terrible” and something that “should never happen at any school.”

Oakland police are continuing to investigate the stabbing. KRON4 has reached out to the Oakland Unified School District for comment about security and safety concerns at Skyline High School and as of the time this story was posted they have not responded.