The Alameda County Coroner’s Office has confirmed the identity of a man shot and killed by police last week.

56-year-old Anthony Gomez was killed on his porch after San Leandro police say he pointed what looked like a gun at officers. Investigators say they discovered after the shooting that Gomez was actually holding block of wood, not a gun.

Gomez’s mother is speaking out, and she’s disputing the police version of what happened to her son.

81-year-old Gloria Tim says her son should still be alive.

“Everybody who has been around here has said what a wonderful person he was,” Tim said.

Tim says she disputes the police report saying Gomez was wielding a machete and exposing himself to children that afternoon.

However, Tim says there was a neighborhood conflict that began with someone squirting mustard on the back of her van.

Tim drove to the neighbors she suspected of doing this and Gomez followed holding a big knife.

“He did have a knife but it was like the handle was in his hand and it was like up against his arm he didn’t show anybody the knife he didn’t raise the knife he did nothing at all like that I told him I say take that and go back home,” Tim said.

San Leandro police arrived as Gomez was walking back home.

Tim says her son threw the knife in a neighbor’s front yard after police ordered him to drop the weapon.

She joined him on the front porch of their house on Martin Boulevard when police pulled up.

“They threw their doors open and they kinda semi stood behind the door but there was a woman who immediately had a god-darn gun pointed right at him on the porch for no reason,” Tim said.

Police say after several minutes Gomez refused to listen to commands and at point simulated he had a gun. Tim says she was forced to get away from Gomez and step down from the porch.

“I got not even to the back of their car and she went pow and that was it one shot right to the chest. She had that gun right smack in front of her like a sharpshooter waiting for somebody to appear,” Tim said.

Police say after the shooting it turned out to be a block of wood Gomez was pointing at the officers. Tim says that’s not true.

“He had nothing in his hands nothing. Not an imitation of a gun. Not a gun. Not a dang thing,” Tim said.

Police report there was no gun recovered from the scene. Tim is accusing the department of killing her son and making him look like an evil man.

“I once had 3 sons and now I don’t have any. They’re all dead,” Tim said.

Tim says she’s considering possible legal action against the department and at some point will meet with the district attorney.

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