Immigrants detained by ICE have the support of the Interfaith Community in the East Bay. 

Every first Saturday the group meets out front of the West County Detention Facility in Richmond and today was no different. 

Immigration advocates called for the release of non-violent people without bail. 

KRON4’s Philippe Djegal spoke with a Russian mother who is pleading for the release of her husband. 

Anna T.’s husband Alexey has been held at the Richmond detention center for 10 months. 

“Deporting Alexey would not only mean a danger to his life, but also a huge trauma for our kids,” she said.

 Alexey was taken into custody by federal agents while applying for asylum. 

He and his family defected from Russia to the United States, fearing retaliation from the Russian government after his business partner spoke about political corruption in his home country. 

Anna has yet to tell her two young children where their father really is. 

She told them he’s on a long business trip, but as time goes on that story isn’t holding up. 

“He would be the one who would bring them to school,” she said. “Read with them. I mean, he was like a mom to them, because I was super busy studying and working.”

Anna doesn’t know if she’ll ever see her husband again in America because him being deported is a possibility.