MOUNTAIN HOUSE (KRON) — “It’s a lot of work to raise this many kids”

Amy Kempel is the definition of a busy mom, raising seven beautiful babies — five of them quintuplets born just over a year ago. Now, Amy and her husband Chad are facing a new challenge.

Their landlord is selling the house they call home — where they’ve paid just $1,600 a month for seven years.

“It’s so unheard of for right now so we know how fortunate we’ve been,” she said.

Chad commutes about 120 miles a day — spending at least three hours in the car — commuting from their Mountain House home to his job in San Mateo.

The Kempels now join the thousands of Bay Area residents moving out — even thinking about leaving the state all together.

“We can stay closer, live in poverty, or drive further out and I can add to the commute, but when I drove home today on the Altamont, and I look around me and I just see this dead look on everyone’s faces, they look miserable.”

The Kempels don’t want a temporary spot — wherever they go from here will be home for good. A place where Savannah, Avery, Lincoln, Noelle, Grayson, Gabriella and Preston will live, love and learn for years.

“I spend three hours a day on the road and that’s too much. As they get older, I don’t want our kids to be at their games and look up at the bleachers and I’m stuck on the Altamont until 7 p.m.”

The Kempels have about six weeks to pack up and find a new home.

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