SAN MATEO COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — Officials in San Mateo County said there have been two mountain lion sightings in the last week.

Officials are urging people to be aware of their surroundings, especially during the early mornings and late-night walks near the coastline.

One mountain lion was seen in Pacifica near the 1,000 block of Rainier Avenue. A resident reported seeing it more than three times last week, specifically before midnight.

The second cat was seen Monday morning before 7 a.m. near Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay. Video shows the large cat crawling under a pick-up truck before walking across a resident’s porch.

Just down the road on Friday, March 3, a cat was seen taking a stroll down 1st Avenue in Half Moon Bay, causing officials to send out an alert and an elementary school to shelter in place.

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No cats have been captured but police are urging people to watch over kids and pets, adding that if you do see a mountain lion:

  • Do not run and remain calm.
  • Hold your ground or back away slowly. Continue facing the mountain lion and maintain eye contact while trying to appear larger.
  • Call 911.

Just last month, a young boy was attacked by a mountain lion while on a trail with his family near Half Moon Bay.