(KRON) — Several mountain lions have been seen in the Peninsula town of Hillsborough in recent days, the Hillsborough Police Department reported on Facebook. A resident on the 1400 block of Marlborough Road claimed they saw two mountain lions eating a deer on their property.

Mountain lion cubs were also spotted in a den by another resident of the area.

“Mountain lions are known to live and roam in the green belts that surround Hillsborough. Mountain lions’ primary prey is deer, although they have also been known to attack many of the animals captured on our trail cameras as well as pets,” police said.

Police advise Hillsborough residents to keep domesticated pets indoors during dawn, dusk and the evenings. In addition, doors should be closed and locked at night.

Police also say to avoid feeding deer, as it is illegal in California and could attract mountain lions.

People are also told not to jog or hike through the woods when it is dark out and to keep a close eye on children.