MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (KRON) — A Mountain View-resident has been arrested on several charges including elder abuse, kidnapping, dissuading a witness and attempted robbery following a collision in February, Mountain View Police said.

On Feb. 7 just after 2 p.m., an officer came across a hit-and-run incident involving couple–a female driver and an elderly male passenger. The elderly man told the officer that they had been rear-ended by a dark-colored Jeep while stopped at Sylvan and Moorpark Way.

The man said he got out of his car to talk with the driver of the Jeep and exchange information. The driver of the Jeep, identified as Elijah Scott, 25, allegedly told the man he could sit in his car while Scott retrieved the necessary items, so the man got into Scott’s car.

Scott then said he couldn’t find his wallet or vehicle information, the man said. The victim said at that time, he tried to call the police when Scott tried to take his phone away. They briefly struggled before Scott tried to drive away with the victim still in his car, according to the victim.

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Scott eventually pulled over and pulled the victim out of his car before allegedly slamming the victim to the ground at least once, then drove away. He was last seen on the on-ramp for Highway 237.

Mountain View police located Scott in Mountain View and arrested him on Tuesday. Scott was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail and charged with kidnapping, elder abuse, dissuading a witness and attempted robbery.