Movie shoot at Golden Gate Bridge prompts rolling closures

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Filming stops traffic on Golden Gate

If you traveled on the Golden Gate Bridge Monday, you may have noticed some delays.

A film production crew was filming on the bridge from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. creating rolling closures throughout the day.

The California Highway Patrol helped with traffic breaks, however, earlier in the day, traffic was stopped in both north and south-bound directions for around three to four minutes as the filming took place. 

The Golden Gate Bridge provided a permit in order for filming to happen on the sidewalk of the bridge.

Officials say that notice is given to drivers if there will be closures, but if there is a film production, they often don’t because it typically will attract more people and cause additional problems, traffic and delays.

They allow filming on the bridge as it is a spectacular spot, but they want to allow it without negatively impacting traffic. Therefore, as long as traffic impacts are not significant, about 10 to 15-minute delays, officials feel that it is a fair trade. 

Filming occurs during the lightest traffic hours, which is from 10 to 2 on Mondays.

Closer to 2 p.m., the longest delays occurred around 15 minutes. 

For the one day shoot, people were also stopped from walking on the bridge sidewalks periodically for filming. 

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