VALLEJO, Calif. (KRON) — A moving truck crashed into an apartment complex Thursday morning, the Vallejo Fire Department announced on Twitter. The truck smashed the belongings of a family that was about to move to a new state.

The incident happened at the Redwood Shores apartment building located at 400 Redwood St. It is located a few blocks away from the Vallejo Plaza Shopping Center.

Joya Boykins told KRON4 that she and her family were about to move to Washington state so she could begin nursing school. They had a few boxes left to load into the moving truck parked outside their home.

However, some thieves broke into the truck and found a way to take off with it, but they did not get far. Less than an hour later, the truck was found halfway inside an apartment building.

A number of residents were displaced, but officials did not specify how many. No injuries were reported.

“It was surreal,” Boykins said. “We went out there and I was like, ‘Oh my God, the truck is gone.’ And I went and grabbed my pocket and I was like, ‘The keys are here.'”

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While there were no injuries, several people have been displaced. Many of the Boykins family’s belongings have also been ruined.

“We’ve got pictures in there. We’ve got stuff that, you know, makes it feel like home and it’s broken up and our couch… just everything. Our kids’ beds….This is not a time to have to deal with that,” Boykins said.

The family has been able to get a replacement truck. They’re now trying to navigate this setback as they move forward to Washington.

The family is trying to raise funds to replace their destroyed belongings. They created a GoFundMe and have a goal of raising $2,000.