(KRON) — Officials are monitoring a mudslide in Marin County that happened Tuesday night causing an erosion on the hillside. The mudslide happened above Redwood Boulevard just west of Highway 101 and the Marin County Airport in Novato.

A significant amount of water and mud has been pushed down causing about a 100-foot stretch of Redwood Boulevard to buckle and break into pieces.

Marin County Officials said this mudslide uncovered one of two PG&E gas main lines possibly creating pressure on a North Marin Water District aqueduct, which runs from Sonoma County to Marin County. As of Thursday morning, no gas or water line breach has occurred and there has been no visible movement since Tuesday night. Officials said there is no immediate threat to residents.

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Both North Marin Water and PG&E officials are assessing the situation and trying to figure out how to stabilize things to prevent further damage. PG&E is also depressuring lines in precaution.

Officials said there is no threat to Highway 101, which runs along Redwood Boulevard, but Redwood Boulevard will remain closed until further notice.