FREMONT, Calif. (KRON) – In the East Bay, as a series of potent weather systems are anticipated this weekend, residents in one Fremont neighborhood are worried about more mudslides.

Residents who live along the hill have been cleaning up from the New Year’s Eve storm and are now bracing for the next round of heavy rain headed to the region. Fremont resident Alex Reyes has been monitoring the area of Canyon Heights Drive and Pickering Avenue after heavy rain last Saturday triggered mudslides on a hill above some homes.

“There was a lot of water running downstream and it was really, really bad,” he said. “I almost got boxed in. The police were here. They weren’t going to let us out. There were major street closures. It was crazy.”

With another round of heavy rain in the forecast this weekend into next week, Reyes and his neighbors are worried about the hill. They say the mud knocked down a fence in someone’s backyard.

“Our reaction was pretty shocked. We never seen mudslides here before,” said Fremont resident Damien Pamilla.

Pamilla and his daughter Ella have been checking in on neighbors.

“We were walking around the other day to see if anyone needs help and there is one thing people need right now because of the mudslide… sandbags. There was some kind of shortage so if anyone has sandbags and can bring them to the area that would help.”

Meantime, Reyes says he has been in constant communication with city officials.

“Last I checked they are in contact with the people involved who live in the neighborhood, us included. So we may have a possible evacuation order, but we are waiting for confirmation from the city’s police and fire for confirmation.”

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But on Friday evening, a woman coming back from her walk down the hill learned firsthand that mud can be a little too sticky.

“There was a lot of mud, and I stepped in and I sunk in pretty deep, and it took the shoe and the sock and they had to rescue my shoes for me,” she said. 

“The City of Fremont is urging caution when heading out this weekend and to sign up for Nixle emergency alerts if you haven’t already.