Tourists trekking to national parks and historic sites are seeing a mix of impacts from the government shutdown. 

Alcatraz isn’t offering night tours, parts of Hyde Street Pier are closed, but the Presidio is open. 

KRON4’s Michelle Kingston stopped by Muir Woods and said visitors were able to get in. 

Park officials said Muir Woods is still open because of a partnership agreement. Under the agreement, parking attendants and employees who work in the cafe and gift shop are able to work during a government shutdown. 

Tours and educational programs could be impacted, but on Saturday the park was packed. 

Imona Chen was visiting from South Carolina and said she enjoyed her time.

“It was a very wonderful experience in there,” she said. “The air was amazing. The trees were awesome.”

Cornelia Van Herel didn’t know if the park would be open but decided to show up anyway. 

She said, “We thought maybe we’ll see the redwood forest and we did so we are very thankful.”

President Trump warns the shutdown could last for days if no agreement is met. Visitors are hoping that Muir Woods will remain open for all those traveling and exploring for the holidays.