SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – We are less than a month away from the deadline for San Francisco city workers to get fully vaccinated or lose their jobs.

The director of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency recently revealed more than 300 Muni drivers are either unvaccinated or haven’t declared their status and if that doesn’t change, there could be a significant impact to service.

The biggest number of holdouts: Transit operators, 15% of them.

While SFMTA is still trying to coax those workers into compliance, they are bracing for the worst.  

This could mean service disruption even before the November 1 cut off day on Halloween weekend, when there could be a big demand for public transportation, as it’s also Outside Lands, there is a Warriors game and possibly two World Series Games.

The head of the Transit Operators Union says some of their members don’t understand why they are the only ones who have to be vaccinated on board the bus and they want the city to yield.

It’s not just Muni that could see cuts in service — 19% of parking enforcement officers are also at risk of losing or being put on leave from their jobs. 

Up to eight schools could see a reduced number of crossing guards and as many as four others schools could end up having none at all.

KRON4 reached out to the mayor’s office to see if she is considering softening her stance on the vaccinate mandate given the potential fallout.  

Mayor London Breed’s Communications Director says this is about the health and safety of the public and city workers. He says they are not changing the policy and will continue to work with city employees to get everyone vaccinated.