SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A billboard seen in San Francisco appears to warn people against moving to Texas. The mysterious billboard located at the intersection of 7th Street and Folsom, reads “The Texas Miracle Died in Uvalde,” and is accompanied by a menacing-looking figure wearing a hood and sunglasses.

Along with with larger message the billboard also has the words “Don’t mess with Texas” crossed out and in the bottom right corner, reads “Don’t move to Texas.” No other information is seen on the billboard. According to a report in SFGate, the billboard at Folsom and 7th is leased to advertisers by FoxPoint Media.

According to posts from Reddit users in Los Angeles, the mysterious billboard has also popped up in L.A.

Texas has seen an influx of people relocating from California in recent years. Several major tech companies including Tesla, Oracle and Hewlett Packard have moved their headquarters from the Bay Area to Texas.

KRON4 News reached out to FoxPoint Media for information regarding the billboard but has not heard back.