(KRON) — A cannabis delivery driver was robbed in Oakland last week, cannabis company Nabis confirmed to KRON4. The robbery is raising questions about driver safety for cannabis delivery drivers.

Nabis is a cannabis wholesale distributor based in Oakland. The delivery driver was a Nabis employee, and a spokesperson shared the following statement:

“In an isolated incident, a Nabis delivery driver was robbed last week in East Bay. Fortunately, they were not injured. Nabis takes employee safety very seriously, and follows stringent protocols and security measures to keep drivers safe. We have filed a report on the incident, and will continue to work with law enforcement to monitor this situation.” — Nabis

When KRON4 asked for clarification about security protocols, Nabis would not describe what the “stringent protocols and security measures” include. Delivery drivers for Nabis make a starting pay of $21 per hour according to the company’s website. The description of the role does not include ways that the company maintains safety for drivers with valuable cargo.