NAPA, Calif. (KRON) — A jury convicted a Napa resident of two felony counts of animal cruelty on June 2. The Napa County District Attorney’s office said Zachary Roberts, 38, neglected and abused two pet dogs.

On January 17, 2020, a local veterinary technician found Roberts’ dogs “emaciated and undernourished,” the DA’s office said. The abused dogs were a one-year-old pit bull mix named “Avery” and a one-year-old chihuahua named “Princess.”

Princess was found dead and Avery was in critical condition. Both dogs had severely overgrown nails and coats covered in urine and feces.

Avery was treated at a local veterinary hospital for the next week. Her veterinarian believed she would have died if she was rescued later. She later made a full recovery and was adopted by a Napa family.

“Although Avery and Princess could not tell us what happened to them, the extent of their conditions made clear that they had suffered at the hands of Mr. Roberts for far too long,” Napa County Deputy District Attorney Taryn Hunter said. “I am grateful for the community that came together to save Avery, and for the jury’s verdicts in this egregious case of cruelty.”

In spite of the dogs’ famished condition, the DA said Roberts had dog food. He claimed the dogs would not eat, but medical evaluations said otherwise.