NAPA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – A North Bay man is in jail after police found a stockpile of illegal guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition and pipe bombs.

Napa County deputies say they found the dangerous items at the home and business of  44-year-old Ian Rogers. His bail has been set at $5-million. 

KRON4 is told detectives have been going back and forth to the jail to find out why Rogers had these guns and explosives and what he was planning on doing with them.

The FBI is now involved in this case.

People who know him say they’re stunned by his arrest and what police have found.

Napa businessman Ian Rogers arrested by deputies shortly after an alarming amount of weapons and explosives were found in his possession. 

Investigators say the arsenal was being stored between Rogers’ Napa home and here at British Auto Repair on Action Avenue.

Included in the caches were machine guns, 15,000 rounds of ammunition, several pounds of gun powder, and pipe bombs.

“He was always very kind and never heard anything bad or off-color about him. He seemed to be a pretty cheerful guy,” Maui Oregon said. 

Maui Oregon works across the street at Silver Auto Service Inc.

He says he saw the police pull up to the business Friday to arrest Rogers and then heard a few small detonations.

What he later learned about what was happening was shocking.

“It’s very disheartening you know obviously. Whenever something happens in the community to one of our own. Whether it’s good or bad it affects us all,” Oregon said. 

The arrest comes after deputies received a tip that rogers might try to hurt others.

Investigators have not said if the stockpile has anything to do with protests over the presidential inauguration. 

Meanwhile, his tight-knit community is also puzzled as to what he might have been planning.

“Whatever his intentions were, I don’t know but obviously, the decisions he made were bad,” Oregon said. 

Rogers is right now facing several felony weapons charges.

He could be formally charged by Tuesday night.