SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – Controversy surrounds the opening of a new temporary parking site for homeless people living in recreational vehicles in San Jose.

In North San Jose on Tuesday, residents of the Renaissance Drive and Vista Montana neighborhoods staged a protest in front of a proposed new temporary site for recreational vehicles whose owners are homeless.  

Owned by the city of San Jose, the site at 71 Vista Montana will offer safe parking, sanitation, and other services for up to about 20 people living in RVs.  

The current plan calls for the site to remain open for nine months as the RV dwellers transition to longer-term parking.   

The location is in a mostly residential neighborhood with a playground and school nearby.  

Residents insist the city did not give adequate notice of the plan and were not included in the planning process which they say lacked transparency.

The RV dwellers had been parked at a camp on property owned by apple computer, which is working with the non-profit home first to find temporary housing for the other people.  

So far, only RV’s from that camp can park in the new site but other RV dwellers, like Steve Perez are hoping it can be expanded, which also has neighbors worried.